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TOP 10: Predictions for 2017

This was something I forgot to do at the end of 2015. No 2016 prediction on the TV/Media industry. but, I am back for new visions in 2017. My predictions are a little heavy on CBS, but they are in a very unique situation, that allows for the company to move and make moves in many different directions.

CBS will combine with another media company:
CBS will either merge, buy or be bought by another media company in 2017. CBS is the only broadcast network that is its own corporation. ABC is owned by Disney, NBC buy Comcast and FOX is with the 21st Century FOX conglomerate. Viacom appears to be out, so look for new media giant to come looking to expand.

ESPN will separated from Disney:
Investors are beginning to talk about Disney somehow separating ESPN from the parent company, because of declining subscriber numbers. An all-out spin-off is one possibility, but there are other measures Disney can take to separate itself from ESPN and the declining subscribers. Disney could do an Alphabet (Google) and be overhead company, owning many other companies. But, don't look for Disney to do nothing with ESPN.

One cable network group goes OTT on its own:
Over The Top streaming options are only growing as time goes on. Soon, a cable network group, like A&E Networks, AMC Networks, Disney, or Viacom, will offer its own streaming package, of just its current slate of cable networks. Would you pay $6.99 per month for just MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, TV Land, CMT and more?

No more Thursday Night Football on CBS or NBC:
With the declining ratings of this season, the NFL will look at scaling back its 4 nights a week scheduling and not air THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL games on Broadcast TV. It will keep the night for its own NFL Network, but how many games that will be is still up in the air.

Thomas Gibson returns to CRIMINAL MINDS:
Thomas Gibson was fired from CRIMINAL MINDS earlier this year for kicking a person on the production staff, on an episode he was directing. CBS first suspended Gibson, the later fired him from the series. His character was not killed off, leaving the possibility of returning to the series. The production company/CBS will look for a way to bring back Gibson in at least one episode, in 2017. Perhaps part of a November sweeps episode?

Facebook will stream its first TV series:
Facebook is looking to expand it footprint into TV media and had the data to back it up. Look for at least one original TV series to come from Facebook, in 2017.

TWITCH adoption by a major network:
If you are not familiar with TWITCH TV, it is a streaming platform that allows viewers watch experts and other games play video games. Some channels will get hundreds of thousands of viewers for a LIVE play of some games. I predict that there will be a major cable, or perhaps broadcast, network to adopt this style of programming for at least one night of programming a week. Could AMC devote an entire night to watching people play COUNTER STRIKE or WORLD OF WARCRAFT? if you can sell ads, yes they will.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY will be a hit for CBS All-Access:
CBS All-Access will be launching STAR TREK: DISCOVERY in mid-2017. The launch of the new series will be a complete success for CBS Corp. But, how do we measure success for the streaming service? Either CBS will release huge viewership numbers (over one million pre episode) or will see subscriptions go over two million subscribers (it currently is around one million subs.) As a reminder, it cost $6.99 per month to subscribe to CBS All-Access.

Nothing on the horizon, that I am aware of, but with all the rebooting and bringing back old TV series, I think QUANTUM LEAP is primed for a reboot series. At the very least, an announcement of a new series going into production will be made by the end of 2017.

CBS series continues on CBA All-Access:
CBS, the broadcast network, will renew at least one of its current 2016-17 shows, but will move it to be exclusively on CBS All-Access. To go a little further, I can see something like THE ODD COUPLE and/or ELEMENTARY getting an extended life by doing at least one season on the streaming service and CBS needs more original programming on CBS All-Access to help bolster the subscription numbers.

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