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Lost TV Pilots: ALL IN THE FAMILY (1968 & 1969)

It took Norman Lear quite a bit of time to get the classic TV comedy, ALL IN THE FAMILY, on to TV. The writer, director and producer made two different pilots of the concept for ABC in the late 60's, before eventually finding the magic for CBS in 1971.

The first pilot, from 1968, was called JUSTICE FOR ALL, featuring Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton as Archie and Edith Justice. Their daughter Gloria is married to a hippie named Richard, a "Socialist democrat." The roles of Gloria and Richard are played by Kelly Jean Peters and Tim McIntire, respectively. There is even a different Lionel Jefferson.

Tom Bosley, Jack Warden, and Jackie Gleason were all considered for the role of Archie Bunker. CBS wanted to buy the rights and develop it specifically for Jackie Gleason, but Normal Lear beat them to the punch.

JUSTICE FOR ALL (1968 Pilot for ABC)

After screening the first pilot, ABC gave the producers more money to shoot a second pilot, titled THOSE WERE THE DAYS, which was taped in February 1969. Stapleton and O'Connor are still in the lead roles and the last name is still Justice. The roles of Gloria and her husband, Dickie, are now played by Candice Azzara and Chip Oliver. D'Urville Martin played Lionel Jefferson in both pilots.

THOSE WERE THE DAYS (1969 Pilot for ABC)

Finally, in January of 1971, the third and final pilot aired on CBS. All three pilots use the same basic script, featuring a special brunch, made by Gloria, for The Bunkers 22nd wedding anniversary.

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