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A Look Back at GOOD HEAVENS - 1976

Over the last few years writing these blog articles, researching the different seasons and shows, you come across something that catches your attention. GOOD HEAVENS is one of those shows that caught my attention.

What had it catch my attention was how well it did in the ratings, yet it only ran for half a season. It literally grew an audience for ABC from nothing as the network had given the affiliates the time slot for  few months in the middle of the season. It even went up against a top 10 sitcom (PHYLLIS) and held its own in the ratings. But ABC was actually having a great season and GOOD HEAVENS skewed older than most of the other top series on the network..

The series was a mid-season replacement show and premiered on Monday, February 29, 1976, in the 8:30 p.m. time slot. The last episode aired on June 26, 1976. It was ranked #17 for the season with a 22.5 household rating. only 13 episodes were produced.


GOOD HEAVENS was a comedy anthology series starring Carl Reiner. Reiner played Mr. Angel, an emissary from heaven who would come down to earth each week and grant wishes to those who had performed good deeds, but only after he put them through some uncontrollable situations.


Mr. Angel ................ Carl Reiner

Reiner was the only regular cast member, but there were a lot of Hollywood stars in the stories each week. Some of those stars were Don Ameche, Susan Dey, Sandy Duncan, Pat Harrington Jr., Florence Henderson, Alex Karras, Penny Marshall, Hugh O'Brian, Loretta Swit - Maxine, Brenda Vaccaro, Fred Willard and many more.

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