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USFL Ratings Week 7 & 8: May 28-29 and June 3-5, 2022

USFLIt has been a couple of weeks since our last USFL ratings post. Only six of the eight fames in week seven and eight were on broadcast or cable TV. Peacock got two exclusive games, taking the late Sunday game in both weeks.

FOX had three game over the two weeks, averaging over 700,000 viewers per game. FS1 had just one game, in week seven, getting under 300k for its Saturday night game.

USA took the first game of each week. It did not matter what day their game was on, or what time, as just over 220,000 viewers watched it on the cable network.

Just two weeks left in the regular season and two teams, Stallions and Generals, have clenched playoffs spots, while two others, Maulers and Panthers, have been eliminated from post season play.

Week 7 (May 28-29)

USASat: TB v NJ (12:00pm)
FS1Sat: MI v NO (9:00 pm)
FOXSun: BIR v PIT (2:00 pm)0.830.480.17
PeacockSun: HOU v PHI (4:00 pm)---

* - million of viewers

Week 8 (June 3-5)

USAFri: PIT v NJ (8:00pm)
FOXSat: BIR v NO (3:00 pm)0.630.410.13
FOXSun: MI v PHI (12:00 pm)0.770.500.14
PeacockSun: HOU v TB (4:00 pm)---

* - million of viewers

Standings after week eight:


Generals (7-1)
Stars (5-3)
Panthers (1-7)
Maulers (1-7)


Stallions (8-0)
Breakers (5-3)
Bandits (4-4)
Gamblers (1-7)

Week 9 Schedule:

Saturday, June 11: 
Bandits vs Stars (1pm ET) FOX
Panthers vs Stallions (6:00pm ET) USA

Sunday, June 12:
Breakers vs Maulers (4:00pm ET) FOX
Generals vs Gamblers (7:30pm ET) FS1

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