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USFL Ratings Week 5: May 13 - 15, 2022

For the first week of the season, The USFL failed to draw a million viewers to any one game on the weekend, even though three of the four games were on broadcast TV. NBC's Sunday afternoon game was the top draw with just over 900,000 viewers, while the two FOX games, one each on Saturday and Sunday, hovered around 700,000 each. The lone game on cable TV, on USA, grabbed just 250,000 on Friday night.

Halfway through the first season, here are what the  four commercial networks are averaging for their USFL broadcasts.

USA Network: 418,000 viewers and a 0.09 rating in the A18-49 demographic.

FS1: 310,000 viewers and a 0.06 rating in the A18-49 demographic.

FOX: 1,036,000 viewers and a 0.21 rating in the A18-49 demographic.

NBC: 1,268,000 viewers and a 0.26 rating in the A18-49 demographic.

Net Game P2* Households A18-49
USA Fri: TB v MI (8:00pm)
FOX Sat: NJ v NO(3:00 pm) 0.720.470.16
NBC Sun: PHI v BIR (12:00 pm) 0.910.62 0.17
FOX Sun: HOU v PIT (4:00 pm) 0.69 0.43 0.16

* - million of viewers

Standings after week five:


Generals (4-1)
Stars (2-3)
Panthers (1-4)
Maulers (1-4)


Stallions (5-0)
Breakers (3-2)
Bandits (3-2)
Gamblers (1-4)

Week 6 Schedule:

Saturday, May 21: 
Bandits vs Stars (1pm ET) NBC
Panthers vs Stallions (7:30pm ET) NBC

Sunday, May 15:
Breakers vs Maulers (12:00pm ET) FS1
Generals vs Gamblers (4:00pm ET) FOX

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