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Ratings Archive - December 1990

The interesting thing about the December 1990 ratings is that of Chrsitmas and New Years Eve. A Matlock repeat drew 21 million viewers on Christmas Evening and just about everything else that night was getting 14-17 million viewers. New years did have a Monday Night Football Game, but you still had a repeat of Murphy Brown drawing 18 million.


  1. What is it about Matlock that makes it such a Christmas show? You would never see a show pull 21 mil on Christmas Eve these days!

    Thanks for posting, these are fascinating to look at. Can't wait for January!

  2. What I find interesting is how close the competition was between Matlock, Who's The Boss/Head of the Class, and Rescue 911. Most weeks those shows were neck and neck! You don't see that kind of stiff competition anymore.


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