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Network Ratings for Week Ending January 11, 2009

FOX take the top spot in both Total viewers and 18-49 demographic for the second full week of the new year. CBS, despite not having their strongest night in originals, take the second spot, accross the board. NBC and ABC battle it out for 3rd, with NBC edging ABC, despite having ABC having its two strongest nights in Originals (Thurs. & Sun.). The CW finally raised back up to the 5th position, barely, wioth a photo finish with MyTV. The CW grabbed 1.8 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating to MyTV's 1.7 million viewers and 0.6 demo rating. The CW had all but two of its regular series back in originals this past week.

The Numbers for WE 01/11/09

Network        Viewers        18-49
FOX 14.17 M 5.0
CBS 11.74 M 3.1
NBC 8.26 M 2.6
ABC 7.80 M 2.7
CW 1.80 M 0.8
MyTV 1.70 M 0.6

Season Averages for 2008-09

Network          Viewers           18-49

CBS 10.98 M 2.9
ABC 8.78 M 2.7
FOX 7.91 M 2.8
NBC 7.64 M 2.7
CW 1.95 M 0.8
MyTV 1.71 M 0.6

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