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Ratings Archive - September 25, 1989

NBC won its 67th straight week with four shows in the top five, led by No. 2 The Cosby Show. But its viewership' is down: For the second week of the last uninterrupted season; 1987, NBC averaged a 17.4 rating, almost 3 points more than this week.

Meanwhile, second-place ABC has seen more than a half­point increase. Tuesday was its most productive night with the week's most-watched show, Roseanne. A Living Dolls preview and a Barbara Walters Special that night were NO.8 and No. 13, respectively.

NO.3 CBS has dropped three-tenths of a point in its aver­age. Its best outing was Sunday's Murder, She Wrote, NO.6; and the week's most-watched movie, Night Walk, No. 21.


  1. This is fantastic info, but I would suggest not releasing any January or February 1990 info for public viewing just yet. Is it possible to upload images to your website and e-mail me those site links via Yahoo's fantasy football "email league" feature? I may just do one exhibition retro PIFC game soon using this data. :)

  2. This is great! Thanks for posting!!


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