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Podcast Rankings: January 22, 2020

This is a weekly look at the top podcasts for all genres, including comedy, TV & Film and Tech. The charts are compiled by an the podcast chart aggregater that is continuously updated. Each week we will take a snap shop of those charts.

Top Ten Podcasts:
  1. CounterClock (AudioChuck)
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  3. Monster: DC Sniper (iHeartRadio)
  4. Crime Junkie (Audiochuck)
  5. Chasing Cosby (LA Times)
  6. The Daily (NY Times)
  7. Unlocking Us w/Brene Brown (Cadence13)
  8. The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
  9. Stuff You Should Know (HowStuffWorks)
  10. Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein (ABC News)

Genre Specific Charts

Comedy Top 5
  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  2. The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
  3. Armchair Expert (Armchair Umbrella)
  4. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (Team Coco)
  5. Office Ladies (HiStudios)
TV & Film Top 5
  1. Finding Fred (iHeartRadio)
  2. The Rewatchables (The Ringer)
  3. Bachelor Happy Hour (Bachelor Nation)
  4. Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR)
  5. The Big Picture (The Ringer)
Technology Top 5
  1. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  2. Waveform MKBHD Podcast (Studio71)
  3. Reply All (Gimlet)
  4. Tales of Silicon Valley (The Times)
  5. Darknet Diaries (Jack Rhysider)
True Crime Top 5
  1. CounterClock (AudioChuck)
  2. Monster: DC Sniper (iHeartRadio)
  3. Crime Junkie (Audiochuck)
  4. Chasing Cosby (LA Times)
  5. Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein (ABC News)
Sports Top 5
  1. Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez (Wondery)
  2. Bill Simmons Podcast (The Ringer)
  3. Pardon My Take (Barstool Sports)
  4. Dan Le Batard Show (ESPN)
  5. Ryen Russillo Podcast (The Ringer)
Business Top 5
  1. The Dave Ramsey Show (Ramsey Solutions)
  2. How I Built This (NPR)
  3. Planet Money (NPR)
  4. Jocko Podcast (Jocko DEFCOR Net)
  5. Don't Keep Your Day Job (Cathy Heller)

Source: podbay.fm

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