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TV News Roundup: June 28, 2018

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (06/28) FOX announces its 2018 fall premiere dates.

  2. (06/28) FOX officially cancels freshman sitcom, GHOSTED.

  3. (06/27) The DOJ has approved the Disney purchase of the FOX assets, as long as Disney divests the 22 regional sports networks (monopoly concerns with ESPN Networks).

  4. (06/27) FOX renews summer series, 24 HOURS TO HELL AND BACK, for a second season.

  5. (06/27) Charter picks up a 13 episode order of the BAD BOYS spin-off series, LA's FINEST, original produced for NBC. The series will premiere in 2019.

  6. (06/27) FOX gets WWE SMACKDOWN, starting October 2019.

  7. (06/27) Freeform cancels FAMOUS IN LOVE.

  8. (06/22) AMC picks up THE TERROR for a second season.

  9. (06/22) NBC officially cancels TIMELESS, after two seasons.

  10. (06/21) ABC picks up THE CONNERS, a spin-off comedy from ROSEANNE.

  11. (06/21) Netflix orders a third season of DEAR WHITE PEOPLE.

  12. (06/20) The CW announces 2018-19 fall premiere dates.

  13. (06/19) NBC releases 2018-19 fall premiere dates.

  14. (06/17) Netflix picks up previously cancelled FOX drama, LUCIFER.

  15. (06/17) Comedy Central cancels late night program, THE OPPOSITION, after one season.

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