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TV News Roundup: June 14, 2018

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (06/12) Courts rule in favor of the AT&T/TimeWarner Merger. Deal set to be completed by June 21.

  2. (06/12) TBS cancels comedy, PEOPLE OF EARTH.

  3. (06/12) Netflix picks up new reality series THE FIX, WESTSIDE and SUGAR RUSH.

  4. (06/11) Warner Brothers to produce 1,000 minutes a season of new LOONEY TUNES shorts, to be distributed across multiple platforms.

  5. (06/11) HBO renews SUCCESSION for season 2.

  6. (06/08) FX renews ATLANTA for a 3rd season.

  7. (06/06) Netflix renews 13 REASONS WHY for a third season.

  8. (06/05) TV Land renews YOUNGER for a 6th season.

  9. (06/05) Freeform cancels SHADOWHUNTERS after three seasons.

  10. (06/04) Netflix picked-up Dolly Pardon Anthology series, with each episode based on a classic song by the country artist.

  11. (06/03) Discovery secures a 12-year deal for all international rights of the PGA tour, which includes 140 events a year. The rights fees will cost Discovery $2 billion.

  12. (06/03) Actor Robert Mandan (SOAP, THREE'S A CROWD) passes away at age 86.

  13. (06/02) FX renews marvel series, LEGION, for a third season.

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