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Ratings Review: THE WALKING DEAD (Spring 2013)

THE WALKING DEAD has become the #1 program, in all of television in the A18-49 ratings. It regularly draws a high five/low six rating in the demographic. It topped THE BIG BANG THEORY in most weeks in this important advertising measurement. for this spring half of the season, the series averaged a whopping 5.8 rating in the demo.

THE WALKING DEAD is also a big hitter in total viewers. For the 8 episodes it average 11.4 million viewers. It is usually the most watched regular program on Sunday nights. Only THE BIBLE gave it competition n the viewership ratings.

THE WALKING DEAD should be around for a long time, but the question could be "On what network?" I have heard reports that the parent company of AMC may shift the series to one of its lesser networks as a bargaining chip when negotiation subscription rated and renewals with the cable and satellite companies. Hopefully your TV provider will carry IFC or the Sundance Channel.

THE WALKING DEAD (Sundays at 9:00 p.m., on AMC)

Date Viewers* A18-49 +/-
02/10/13 12.26 6.1 Spring Premiere
02/17/13 11.05 5.6 -10%
02/24/13 11.01 5.7 0%
03/03/13 11.30 5.7 3%
03/10/13 11.46 5.7 1%
03/17/13 10.84 5.5 -5%
03/24/13 10.99 5.4 1%
03/31/13 12.42 6.4 13% Season Finale
* - in millions

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  1. If AMC truly does shift the show to a new network, the show will die.


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