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Ratings Archives: Winter 1995-96

During the winter of 1995-96, NBC just dominates the ratings. It usually the top networks each week, with a full ratings point advantage over second place ABC. ER, SEINFELD and FRIENDS are the top the shows, averaging over 35 million viewers. This was classic NBC.

NBC had SUPER BOWL XXX this year. The game pulled in 94 million viewers. FRIENDS had the coveted post-Super Bowl slot and held onto nearly 53 million of those viewers.

During the February sweeps, NBC aired the mini-series GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, staring Ted Danson. Part 1 aired on a Sunday, bringing in 34 million viewers and ranking 4th for the week. The next night was not as successful for Part 2. The second two hours only managed 26 million viewers (down 24%), but also ranked fourth for its week.

We do see the beginnings of lower ratings on Saturday nights. With exception of DR. QUINN: MEDICINE WOMAN and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, most programs ranked in the 70's -90's. Most were pulling viewer totals below 10 million, during the February Sweeps.

When January of 1996 came, it marked the first anniversary of both UPN and the WB. UPN was down from its initial ratings one year earlier, but was still pulling close to a 4.0 rating. However, the WB was improving in the ratings. It would post between a 2.5 - 3.0 ratings in most weeks.

Nielsen Broadcast ratings charts for November 27, 1995 to February 25, 1996


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