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Ratings Archives: Winter 1993-1994

Covering November 29, 1993 to February 27, 1994

Through the winter of 1993-94, ABC consistently wins each week, lead by HOME IMPROVEMENT and GRACE UNDER FIRE. It narrowed the gap with CBS from a 0.6 down to just a 0.3 house hold ratings point, until... the 1994 Winter Olympics, on CBS. Once the Olympics ended, ABC was in second, down a full point in the HH ratings.

CBS had a huge Winter Olympics. At least two nights, (Feb 23 and 25), the network pulled in over 73 million viewers and a 64 House Hold share. Most nights usually pulled in the 35-40 million viewers around a 35 share.

Nielsen Broadcast ratings charts for November 29, 1993 - February 27, 1994 


  1. Always love these. My daughter was born on a night in January. Now you've given me a chance to see what I missed. Not much it seems.

    I noticed that the last page in the doc includes an article about the ratings. Is that what they published for the week of 2/28/94? If so, I have some top 20 and bottom 10 ratings data from that week that I could share if you're like it.

  2. hey, we're missing the week of 2/14. can we have that?


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