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Ratings Archives - September 1991, Pt. 2

Welcome to the Start of the 1991-192 Season ratings archives.

This season saw the debute of classic series HOME IMPROVEMENT, STEP BY STEP, THE COMMISH and ROC.

HOME IMPROVEMENT (ABC Tuesdays) started off strong with 28 million viewers and ranked 9th in its premiere.
STEP BY STEP (ABC Fridays) pulled in 24.6 million viewers and ranked #22 for the premiere week.
ROC (Fox Sundays) Premired a few weeks earlier, but was a solid #63 ranking, bringing in 17.2 million viewers for the young FOX network, during premiere week.
THE COMMISH (ABC Saturdays) Premiered in week #2, with 11.9 million viewers, ranking 76th for the week.

It also saw souch clinker, like SHUT UP KIDS, BILL & TED, MARK & BRIAN and GOOD AND EVIL. Click the Night by Night Lineup link below, for the complete fall schedule.

I have also included the 44th Annual Emmy Award Winners. Unlike the current Emmys, it is dominated by the BIG 3 networks.


  1. Thanks so much for the ratings, do you have anything before 1989?

  2. Thanks! Do you know when USA Today stopped publishing complete ratings like this? No way Nielsen would allow it these days.

  3. yeah can't wait for next week and all of october. anything from 1985-1988?

  4. Unfortunately, The earliest I have is 1989. But, if I ever come across pre-1989 numbers, I will be sure to share them.


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