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Ratings Archives - December 1991

For the December 1991 posting, lets focus on the Holiday Specials.

ABC and NBC commemerated the 50th Anniversary of Perl Harber with specials. ABC's special, two days early, drew the larger audience with 23.3 million viewers and a 16.3 rating. NBC, airing on the actuall anniversary date, drew just 15.7 million viewers, on a Saturday.

TV Movie, YES VIRGINIA, TERE IS A SANTA CLAUS, ranked 24th for the week, with a 13.1 rating.  A week later, CBS aired CHRISTMAS ON DIVISION STREET, gathering 24.4 million viewers and a 16.7 rating.

The annual BOB HOPE CHRISTMAS special dre 21.9 milion viewers, ranking 16th for the week.

Theatrical Movie flop, GHOST DAD (starring Bill Cosby) found success on TV. It drew 27 million viewers and a 24 share, on December 29th, ranking 6th for the week. 
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