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Ratings Archives - September 1991, Pt. 1

We are breaking up September between the end of the summer season and the start of the fall season.

As the summer of 1991 came to a close, it was already starting to fell like TV season again. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, on ABC, was the number one program each week. MNF dominated with 26.3 million and 27.5 million viewers, the first two weeks of thew season.

FOX took advantage of the reruns by the big 3 and premiered its season a little early. The season premiere of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN drew nearly 30 million viewers and ranked 2nd for the first week in September. The HERMAN'S HEAD series premiere followed and ranked 22nd, with 18.2 million viewers. But FOX was still a young network. it still placed four programs at the bottom of the rankings list.
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