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Ratings Archives - April 1991

Included in this months ratings was the 1990-91 rankings for the season, based on HH ratings.The #1 show was, of course, CHEERS. One of my favore shows from that season was the very short lived DOCTOR, DOCTOR, staring Max Headroom himself, Matt Frewer, ranked tied for last (#88).

The week of April 15th, featured the premiere of one of the many series staring Alison Laplaca. STAT, drew a big premiere number of 25 million viewers, after ROSEANNE. But it had lost 8 million viewers by week #2. Laplaca was not far away from her next series staring Tom Arnold.

Week of April 1, 1991
Week of April 8, 1991
1990-91 Rankings for the Season
Week of April 15, 1991
Week of April 22, 1991


  1. Thanks, I love these charts!

  2. Great to have the list for the 1990-91 season. I haven't seen that one in years!


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