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Ratings Archive - October 23, 1989

NBC's hits beat ABC's Baseball

Paced by The Cosby Show, NBC's hit series bested ABC's Sports fueled lineup, which included Monday Night Football and the final two games of the World Series. ABC did claim the top rated program with Roseanne. Its only other top 10 program was MNF, coming in at #9. Top drama was CBS's Murder She Wrote (#6). 60 Minutes (#4) was the top News program. Top TV Movie was also on CBS, Sunday's The Lady Forgets (#14) drew 26.3 million viewers.

Look for the next 5 following weeks of the charts in my first post of this category/lable. There I covered the 1989 November Sweeps.


  1. I forgot that USA Today use to rank the shows based on their HH Rating and Not total Viewers.

    A Good Example of this is between the two top rated movies this week.

    NBC's False Witness was ranked higher, based on HH Rating, even though The Lady Forgets had more viewers.

  2. Why was Chicken Soup cnacelled?
    Not for its content (a big issue back then) but the fact it lost 14 million viewers from Roseanne's lead In.


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