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XFL Ratings Week 2: February 15-16, 2020

XFL week two viewership dropped about a third from last week, with the three broadcast games getting over two million viewers and the ABC Sunday game at 2.4 million. The FS1 game, dew a little more than half the broadcast networks, but stayed on pace in the A18-49 demographic.

The XFL still does well, when compared to other TV sports ratings. Only the Daytona 500 events and two NBA All-Star Weekend events, plus the PGA event on Sunday, did better.

Net Game P2* Households A18-49
ABC Sun: DAL v LA 2.401.52 0.7
FOX Sat: TB v SEA 2.321.47 0.6
ABC Sat: NY v DC 2.15 1.35 0.6
FS1 Sun: STL v HOU 1.36 0.76 0.5
* - million of viewers

Week 2 Attendance Figures:

  • New York Guardians at DC Defenders — 15,031
  • Tampa Bay Vipers at Seattle Dragons — 29,172
  • Dallas Renegades at LA Wildcats — 14,979
  • St. Louis Battlehawks at Houston Roughnecks — 17,103

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