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NFL Ratings Conference Championships: January 19, 2020

Over 40 million people watched each of the two NFL playoff games, this past weekend. CBS, with the 3PM game, drew 41.1 million viewers. That is the least amount on over a decade, when just 40.7 million watched the Steelers vs Ravens, in 2009.

FOX also saw ratings fall, down 20% from last year's primetime game (on CBS) and 5% from the 2019 NFC game. The Game may have performed better had the 49ers not posted a 27-0 score at halftime.

Net Game P2* Households A18-49
FOX NFC: GB v SF 42.7921.97 12.2
CBS AFC: TEN v KC 41.1023.08 10.7
* - million of viewers
^ - includes streaming viewers

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