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NFL Ratings: Week 4: September 26 - 29, 2019

The premiere of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, on FOX, ranked as the #3 game of the week, drawing over 17.6 million viewers, or about 2.2 million less then the Sunday afternoon games, on CBS. The game also grew, year-to-year, by 2.5 million viewers, from the first FOX Thursday night game of the season.

Sunday Night Football was top dog, with over 24 million viewers, 5.5 million more viewers than last weeks game. Having the Cowboys as a draw is substantially more attractive than last week's Browns team.

Monday Night Football grwos by 140,000 viewers, but drops to last with TNF moving to FOX

Net Game P2* Households A18-49
NBC SNF: DAL v NO 24.11 13.7 7.8
CBS Late DH Games 19.8011.3 5.8
FOX/NFL TNF: PHI v GB 17.62 10.5 5.6
FOX Regional Games 16.48 9.7 4.7
CBS Early DH Games 14.65 8.7 4.1
ESPN MNF: CIN v PIT 10.47 6.4 3.5
* - million of viewers
^ - includes streaming viewers

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