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TOP 10: The Best Current and Upcoming Streaming TV Services (2019 Edition)

Later this year through the beginning of next year, the streaming service wars will heat up. Once dominated by Netflix, Amazon Prime and, to a smaller extent, Hulu, the number big players will more than double. Here is a list of what I think is the best streaming services, based on value and content.

It is the second most expensive service out there, with an average price of $12.99 per month, but has plans for under $9 (standard definition) and at almost $16 (4K streaming). But, netflix is the old pro at this, with years of original content to complement its catalog of network, cable and theatrical favorites. It releases more original shows and movies than any other network and has the biggest budget for content. It is home to some of the hottest and biggest shows of the day, and delivers programming for all genres, tastes, and audiences. Something for everyone.

For $119 per month, not only do you get plenty of original programming and legacy content, but you get free two-day shipping. It can;t compete with Netflix n the amount of original content, but it does have one thing you can't get from Netflix, online rentals. If Prime does not have a title for your membership, you can always rent the TV show or movie from the same service.

Diseny+ made the perfect business decision of offering the new service for just $6.99 per month. It is a great value, just for the back catalog alone, plus you will get plenty of new shows and movies, from some of the most popular franchises around, like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and more. There are a few down sides to the service, one being a limited number of new content for the first year, or so. Second, I doubt we will see the breadth of content like we see from NETFLIX. Cutting edge and diverse international programming will be scarce.

Hulu has been a round for quite a while as a platform to watch network and cable programming, after it has aired on their original channels. In the past few years, the platform has gotten into original programming, but only a few show have caught the attention of audiences. It is a great stop-gap service if you cut-the-cord, but still want to see cable and network shows, soon after their original airing. The $5.99 per month, ad-supported, plan is a good value.

It costs $14.99 per month for HBO NOW, to get regular HBO programming, on your streaming device. That is the highest price by any service and it may have the smallest roster of original content. But, if you are a fan of their series, It may be worth it. For me, I never watched it, even when I got it for free, as cable company employee, except for DEADWOOD.

Next to Hulu, it is the cheapest service out there, at $5.99 per month, for the ad-supported level. Add $4 for the commercial free/download enabled service. The best thing about the service is STAR TREK. DISCOVER is a great series and the new PICARD series looks just as amazing. THE TWILIGHT ZONE has the same production quality and CBS is ramping up its original programming for the service. Its best feature is the ability to watch CBS programming LIVE or on your schedule, plus the vast catalog of classic TV shows.

When it launches on November 1st, it will undercut everyone, at just $4.99 per month. But like CBS ALL_ACCESS, it will have a very limited original programming schedule. And the first few shows coming out look... OK, but not amazing. This is $5 I will save by NOT subscribing to, for a while. The one upside about Apple TV+ is if you are buying a new iPhone or Mac computer this year, you get a full one-year subscription to the service, for free.

Very genre specific (Superheroes/Comic Books). with just a handful of original shows, but does offer the back catalog of digital comic books. The long time future of the service is up in the air with Warner Media new service, HBO MAX coming out next year.

Coming in 2020, HBO MAX will cost you $15 a month, with the highlight of the programming coming from HBO and reruns of FRIENDS. Only a few titles have been release for new series, including a GREMLINS prequel and Stephen King's THE OUTSIDER.

10) NBCU's Streaming Service
We may still be a year away from the unnamed streaming service from NBC and, so far, its biggest catch is THE OFFICE reruns. The platform will have plenty of classic content to select from, since it has some of the more popular cable networks under its corporate umbrella. The service may be free & ad-supported, with a possible paid tier for commercial free viewing.

The one thing I think most media outlets get wrong on reporting about streaming services is that they think consumers will only select one. That is why we see stories about Disney+ being a "Neflix Killer". Most household, like myself, will subscribe to multiple services. Currently, I subscribe to Netflix (where I watch the most content), Amazon Prime (Love the free shipping!) and CBS All-Access (STAR TREK!). I do plan on adding Disney+, but not sure if I will out of the gate.

What do you think? What services do you subscribe to and which ones will you add or get rid of in 2020? Tell us in the comment box below.

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