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NFL Ratings: Week 3 (Sept. 19 - 23, 2019)

The first CBS doubleheader of the season topped the NFL ratings, in week three. The late game was #1, collecting 22.5 million viewers, with the featured game, aired in 63% of the markets, being the Saints vs the Seahawks. The early games drew just under 13.7 million viewers, on average.

FOX's regional games out performed SNF, by the slimmest of margins. But SNF did have the Browns, so $18.6 million is not to bad for what had historically been a bad team.

Net Game P2* Households A18-49
CBS Late DH Games 22.46 13.0 6.5
FOX Regional Games 18.6610.8 5.4
NBC SNF: LAR v CLE 18.59 10.8 6.1
CBS Early DH Games 13.66 8.3 4.0
ESPN MNF: CHI v WAS 10.33 -- 3.7
NFL TNF: TEN v JAX 6.32 3.8 2.2
* - million of viewers
^ - includes streaming viewers

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