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TV News Roundup: August 12, 2019

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (08/08) FOX cancels reality series, PARADISE HOTEL.

  2. (08/08) Sitcom, MR. INGLESIAS is renewed for a 2nd season, by Netflix.

  3. (08/06) FX renews ATLANTA for a 4th season.

  4. (08/05) Netflix cancels drama, THE OA, after 2 seasons.

  5. (08/04) CW series, THE 100, will end after season 7

  6. (07/19) NBC has picked up the untitled comedy from Tina Fey, staring Ted Danson as a newly elected Mayor of LA.

  7. (07/19) FOX orders to series the reality competition series, LEGO MASTERS, produced by Brad Pitt.

  8. (07/18) Marvel series, AGENTS OF SHIELD will and after 7 seasons, on ABC.

  9. (07/18) Netflix cancels SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, after two seasons.

  10. (07/18) Cancelled sitcom, AP BIO, is revived and will run on the upcoming NBCU streaming service.

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