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TV News Roundup: January 2, 2019

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (12/23) A not-so Merry Christmas for Z NATION, as SYFY cancels the series after five seasons.

  2. (12/23) NBC cancels sitcom MARLON and drama, MIDNIGHT TEXAS.

  3. (12/19) Netflix has renewed THE CILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA for a second season.

  4. (12/18) SYFY picks up VAN HELSING for a 4th season.

  5. (12/18) Actress/Director Penny Marshall (LAVERNE & SHIRLEY, THE ODD COUPLE) passes away at age 75.

  6. (12/14) Apple has landed the JJ Abrams series, My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, starring Jennifer Gardner (CAMPING, ALIAS), ans will premiere sometime in 2019).

  7. (12/17) CBS announces that the upcoming 7th season of ELEMENTARY will be its last.

  8. (12/17) CBS All Access gives a 2nd season order to drama series, TELL ME A STORY.

  9. (12/08) Sci-fi series, DOCTOR WHO will return for a 14th season, premiering in 2020.

  10. (12/08) BET series, HIT THE FLOOR, cancelled after four seasons.

  11. (12/05) NBC renews low rated sitcom, THE GOOD PLACE, for a 4th season.

  12. (12/03) Freshman Lifetime series will jump over to Netflix, for season 2.

  13. (12/03) Actor Ken Berry (MAMA'S FAMILY, MAYBERRY RFD, F-TROOP) passes away at the age of 85.

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