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Podcast Rankings Chart: November 19, 2018

This is a weekly look at the top podcasts for all genres, including comedy, TV & Film and Tech. The charts are compiled by an the podcast chart aggregator that is continuously updated. Each week we will take a snap shop of those charts.

Top Ten Podcasts:
  1. Super Soul Conversations (Oprah)
  2. Dirty John (Wondery)
  3. Serial (This American Life)
  4. Happy Face (HowStuffWorks)
  5. Rachel Maddow: Bag Man (MSNBC)
  6. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  7. Hell & Gone (HowStuffWorks)
  8. Up and Vanished (Tenderfoot)
  9. Dr. Death (Wondery)
  10. Lethal Lit (iHeartRadio)

Genre Specific Charts

Comedy Top 5
  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  2. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (Team CoCo)
  3. My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio)
  4. Armchair Expert w/Dax Shepard (Dax Shepard)
  5. Call Her Daddy (Barstool Sports)
TV & Film Top 5
  1. You Must Remember This (Slate Magazine)
  2. Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR)
  3. Fatal Voyage/Natalie Wood (American Media Inc.)
  4. Rebutting a Murderer (iHeartRadio)
  5. The Good Place Podcast (NBC)
Technology Top 5
  1. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  2. Reply All (Gimlet)
  3. Pivot (Recode)
  4. Latest Hacking News (Latest Hacking News)
  5. The Future of Everything (WSJ)
Games & Hobbies Top 5
  1. Car Talk (NPR)
  2. Critical Role (Geek/Sundry)
  3. Geek Bluez Anime & Gaming (Genbu)
  4. Skip the Tutorial (STT Media)
  5. The Eavesdrop Podcast (HECZ)
Sports & Rec Top 5
  1. MeatEater Podcast (Steven Rinella)
  2. Always Agravated (Radio.com)
  3. Pardon My Take (Barstool Sports)
  4. Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan (SI)
  5. 30 for 30 (ESPN)
Music Top 5
  1. Broken Record (Pushkin Ind.)
  2. Portobello Radio (Griffiths Records)
  3. Inside The Studio (iHeartRadio)
  4. All Songs Considered (NPR)
  5. The Junction (DJ Rome)

Source: podbay.fm

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