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TV News Roundup: October 11, 2018

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (10/10) Even though it was the lowest rated cable original program, last Sunday, Showtime has renewed KIDDING for a second season.

  2. (10/10) NBC had given NEW AMSTERDAM a full season order (22 episodes) for 2018-19.

  3. (10/10) Netflix renews OZARK for a thid season.

  4. (10/09) The CW has renewed BURDEN OF TRUTH and TH E OUTPOST for second seasons, in the summer of 2019.

  5. (10/06) Actor, Scott Wilson (THE WALKING DEAD) passes away at age 76.

  6. (10/05) TBS late night talk show, CONAN, aired its last hour long format episode on October 4, 2018. The series will return in 2019 with a new 30 minute format.

  7. (10/04) AMC renews LODGE 49 for a second season.

  8. (10/03) New live action STAR WARS series to be titled, THE MANDALORIAN.

  9. (10/03) Damon Wayans will leave LETHAL WEAPON after the third season's 13th episode order.

  10. (10/03) Netflix has secured rights to multiple TV series and movies on the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA universe.

  11. (10/01) FX renews MAYANS MC for a second season.

  12. (09/24) Netflix has picked up the family sitcom, NO GOOD NICK, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, for a 20-episode initial order.

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