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Podcast Rankings Chart: September 14, 2018

This is a weekly look at the top podcasts for all genres, including comedy, TV & Film and Tech. The charts are compiled by an the podcast chart aggregator that is continuously updated. Each week we will take a snap shop of those charts.

Top Ten Podcasts:
  1. Dr. Death (Wondery)
  2. Uncover: Escaping Nxivm (CBC)
  3. Serial (This American Life)
  4. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  5. Wolverine: The Long Night (Marvel/Stitcher)
  6. WHOA That's Good (Sandie Robertson)
  7. Ellen on the Go (Wondery)
  8. Up and vanished (Tenderfoot TV)
  9. The Daily (NY Times)
  10. White Boy Rick (WDIV/Graham Media)

Genre Specific Charts

Comedy Top 5
  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  2. My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio)
  3. Armchair Expert w/Dax Shepard (Dax Shepard)
  4. The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
  5. Anna Faris is Unqualified (Unqualified Media)
TV & Film Top 5
  1. Ellen on the Go (Wondery)
  2. Reality Steve (Reality Steve)
  3. Fatal Voyage/Natalie Wood (American Media)
  4. #WhoWouldWin (Sandlin)
  5. Classic Movie Musts (Classic Movie Musts)
Technology Top 5
  1. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  2. Apple Keynotes (Apple)
  3. The Secret History of the Future (Slate)
  4. Reply All (Gimlet)
  5. Crazy/Genius (The Atlantic)
Games & Hobbies Top 5
  1. Critical Role (Geek/Sundry)
  2. The Gaming Hub (Third Sun Gaming)
  3. Car Talk (NPR)
  4. Foamcast Radio (Ben Anderson)
  5. Game Scoop! (IGN)
Sports & Rec Top 5
  1. Pat McAfee Show 2.0 (Pat McAfee)
  2. Fantasy Focus Football (ESPN)
  3. Fantasy Footballers (Fantasy Football)
  4. This is Hot Bowga (Fantasy Football)
  5. Pro Football Scouting Podcast (Steve The Scout)
Music Top 5
  1. DJ Byzantine Techno Podcast (@DJByzantine)
  2. Joe Budden Podcast (Joe/Rory/Mal)
  3. Rock & Roll Archaeology (MovieMatt)
  4. The Joni Mitchell Podcast (ZS Johnson)
  5. dHarmic Evolution (James Kevin O'Connor)

Source: podbay.fm

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