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Podcast Rankings Chart: June 15, 2018

This is a weekly look at the top podcasts for all genres, including comedy, TV & Film and Tech. The charts are compiled by an the podcast chart aggregator that is continuously updated. Each week we will take a snap shop of those charts.

Top Ten Podcasts:
  1. Oprah's Super Soul Conversations (Oprah)
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  3. The RFK Tapes (Crimetime Presents)
  4. The Daily (NY Times)
  5. Revisionist History (Panoply)
  6. Stuff You Should Know (HowStuffWorks)
  7. Hidden Brain (NPR)
  8. This American Life(This American Life)
  9. My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio)
  10. Serial (This American Life)

Genre Specific Charts

Comedy Top 5
  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  2. My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio)
  3. Armchair Expert w/Dax Shepard (Dax Shepard)
  4. Bubble (Maximumfun.org)
  5. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me (NPR)
TV & Film Top 5
  1. #WhoWouldWin (Gavsie)
  2. Miscast Commentary (Murray)
  3. Classic Movie Musts (Classic Movie Musts)
  4. The Good Place Podcast (NBC)
  5. The Rewatchables (The Ringer)
Technology Top 5
  1. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  2. Reply All (Gimlet)
  3. The Future of Everything (Wall Street Journal)
  4. American Innovations (Wondery)
  5. Cryptoconomy (Anchor)
Games & Hobbies Top 5
  1. It's Wood (Daniel Carter)
  2. The Gaming Hub Podcast (Third Sun Gaming)
  3. Critical Role (Geek/Sundry)
  4. Car Talk (NPR)
  5. Game Scoop! (IGN)
Sports & Rec Top 5
  1. American Fiasco (WNYC Studios)
  2. Puty's World Cup Podcast (Barstool Sports)
  3. The ThomaHawk Show (Uninterrupted)
  4. Comeback SZN (Barstool Sports)
  5. Pardon My Take (Barstool Sports)
Music Top 5
  1. Female Mixing Engineers (Darcy Jeavons)
  2. Rock & Roll Archaeology (MovieMatt)
  3. JuliTunzZz Radio (Julio Caezar)
  4. Joe Budden Podcast (joe, rory, mal)
  5. Dissect (Cole Cuchna)

Source: podbay.fm

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