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TV News Roundup: May 21, 2018

TV News Roundup
A Quick Hit of Current Headlines

  1. (05/20) With season two production just starting, Amazon picks up THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL for a third season.

  2. (05/17) The CW releases its SIX night schedule for the 2018-19 fall season.

  3. (05/16) TNT's drama, THE LAST SHIP, will end after 5th season.

  4. (05/16) CBS releases 2018-19 fall schedule, includes six new series.

  5. (05/15) ABC announces its 2018-19 fall schedule, with five new shows and two sitcoms.

  6. (05/15) Sundance TV cancels HAP AND LEONARD after 3 seasons.

  7. (05/14) Freeform picks up THE PERFECTIONISTS, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off series.

  8. (05/14) Netflix renews science-fiction drama, LOST IN SPACE, for a second season.

  9. (05/14) Bravo picks up PROJECT RUNWAY from Lifetime, after A&E terminates all ties with The Weinstein Company.

  10. (05/14) FOX releases its 2018-19 Fall Schedule with two new comedies added to the lineup.

  11. (05/13) NBC releases its 2018-19 Fall Schedule with three new series making the cut.

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