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Weekly Podcast Rankings: July 14, 2017

This is a weekly look at the top podcasts for all genres, including comedy, TV & Film and Tech. The charts are compiled by an the podcast chart aggregator that is continuously updated. Each Friday we will take a snap shop of those charts.

Top Ten Podcasts:
  1. Locked Up Abroad (Wondery)
  2. Its Happening w/Snooki and Joey (AudioBoom)
  3. Revisionist History (Panoply)
  4. A Piece Of Work (WNYC Studios)
  5. Mogul (Gimlet)
  6. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  7. S-Town (This American Life)
  8. The Daily (NY Times)
  9. Live from the Poundstone Institute (NPR)
  10. Stuff You Should Know (How Stuff Works)

Genre Specific Charts

Comedy Top 5
  1. Live from the Poundstone Institute (NPR)
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
  3. My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio)
  4. The Breakfast Club (iHeartRadio)
  5. The Nerdist (Nerdist)
TV & Film Top 5
  1. Binge Mode: Game of Thrones (The Ringer)
  2. Cracked Movie Club (Earwolf)
  3. Game Of Thrones The Podcast (Bald Move)
  4. You Must Remember This (Panoply)
  5. The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast (iHeartRadio)
Technology Top 5
  1. TED Radio Hour (NPR)
  2. Reply All (Gimlet)
  3. WSJ The Future is Everything (WSJ)
  4. Techstuff (How Stuff Works)
  5. Ted Talks Technology (TEDTalks)
Games & Hobbies Top 5
  1. Car Talk (NPR)
  2. Critical Role (Geek/Sundry)
  3. Skidmarks Show (Jeff/Ethan)
  4. Game Scoop! (IGN)
  5. Cool Games (Polygon)

Source: podcastchart.com
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