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2017 Upfronts: SyFy

NBCUniversal cable is rebranding and upping the content for SyFy, as the cable network approaches its 25th anniversary. First up, is a new Logo (right).

SYFY is getting back to its roots and investing into science fiction, fantasy and superheroes.

KRYPTON - A Superman prequel that will focus on the grandfather of the legendary superhero, before the planet of Krypton is doomed.

HAPPY! - Based on the graphic novel of the same name, HAPPY is about a corrupt ex-cop, turned hitman in a world of causal murders, sex and betrayal. The series will star Christopher Meloni (LAW & ORDER: SVU) and Bobby Moynihan (SNL).

NIGHTFLYERS - From Geroge RR Martin, the series is set in the future, on the eve of Earth's destruction, a explorers journey through the galaxy on an advanced space ship.

The network also has other projects in the works, including BRAVE NEW WORLD, from Amblin Entertainment, HYPERION and STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND.

SYFY has also renewed THE MAGICIANS and THE EXPANSE for new seasons, and have secured the rights tot he HARRY POTTER films and a dozen, or so, Marvel films.

Look for the "New" SYFY to launch on June 19.
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