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2017-18 Preview: Sundays Nights

Sundays, this fall, NBC will continue to dominate the night, with Sunday night Football, through January, 2018. The only thing that can derail SNF is game match-ups and blowouts. But, those don't happen for an entire season, so NBC will continue as #1 on the night.

After NBC, CBS will be the most watched network on the night and the ratings will improve with the exit of low rated ELEMENTARY. New drama, WISDOM OF THE CROWD, looks good and has a hook that could draw in younger viewers, but I expect FOX to challenge CBS for second place, in the younger demographics.

FOX will not draw a huge amount of viewers, but it will have a solid, focused audience of younger viewers. It should consistently beat ABC, but this line up, on this night, is old and tired. Pushing THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY to other night might bolster numbers, through the week. But Hey, that's just me.

Another odd night from ABC, as the network looks like it is purposely not trying on the night. If MATCH GAME is any indication, the game show, TO TELL THE TRUTH will draw a small audience. SHARK TANK, at 9 PM, is interesting, but I expect its numbers to also be low, doing not better than what it did on Fridays, this past season. New Drama, TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY is not being given mush lead in support, so a distant third place showing, in the 10 PM hour, is expected.

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ABC AFV To Tell The Truth Shark Tank Ten Days in
The Valley
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the Crowd
NCIS: LA Madam
Bob's Burgers
Ghosted Family
Last Man
On Earth
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