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2016 Commercial Cost Survey: NBC

Ad Age has released its 2016 Commercial Cost Survey, showing the per average price for advertisers on a 30 second spot for each regular TV series. Football rules for NBC as it will clear over $1.15 million per week, for spots on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. That is three hours of premium advertising, each.

Surprisingly, THIS IS US is the network's top series, with $272,000 per spot, topping THE VOICE. The ratings have not supported THIS IS US getting more money than THE VOICE, but if it sold a lot of upfront spots, NBC is better for it.

Also on the surprising end of the chart is how much it is commanding for most of its shows. THE BLACKLIST does far worse numbers than CBS's NCIS, yet the two shows are getting roughly the same amount of ad dollars for their commercials. I wonder if NBC end up with much more "make-goods" than the other networks?

Net Program Day/Time Commecial Price
NBC SNL Encores Saturday @ 10 p.m. $31,767
NBC Dateline Saturday Saturday @ 7 p.m. $38,841
NBC Caught on Camera Friday @ 8 p.m. $44,398
NBC Dateline Friday @ 10 p.m. $53,323
NBC Grimm Friday @ 9 p.m. $76,060
NBC Superstore Thursday @ 8 p.m. $87,707
NBC The Good Place Thursday @ 8:30 p.m. $93,992
NBC Chicago P.D. Wednesday @ 10 p.m. $119,088
NBC Law & Order: SVU Wednesday @ 9 p.m. $124,452
NBC Blindspot Wednesday @ 8 p.m. $134,629
NBC Chicago Med Thursday @ 9 p.m. $135,535
NBC The Blacklist Thursday @ 10 p.m. $145,122
NBC Chicago Fire Tuesday @ 10 p.m. $164,133
NBC Timeless Monday @ 10 p.m. $188,046
NBC The Voice (Tuesday) Tuesday @ 8 p.m. $202,600
NBC The Voice (Monday) Monday @ 8 p.m. $214,079
NBC This Is Us Tuesday @ 9 p.m. $272,000
NBC Thursday Night Football Thursday @ 8 p.m. $485,695
NBC Sunday Night Football Sunday @ 8 p.m. $673,664

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