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2016 Commercial Cost Survey: The CW

Ad Age has released its 2016 Commercial Cost Survey, showing the per average price for advertisers on a 30 second spot for each regular TV series. For the CW, you can see why it has gone strong with DC superheroes. The four shows command the most ad dollars for the network. THE FLASH is the network's top money grabber, averaging $60,660 per 30 second ad.

As expected from last year's ratings, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND collects the fewest dollars per spot, not even reaching $15,000. I am not entirely sure WHY the series was renewed as encore episodes of WHOSE LINE could have collected that amount, for a much lower cost to the network.

Net Program Day/Time Commecial Price
CW Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Friday @ 9 p.m. $14,309
CW The Vampire Diaries Friday @ 8 p.m. $24,929
CW Jane the Virgin Monday @ 9 p.m. $25,075
CW No Tomorrow Tuesday @ 9 p.m. $28,004
CW Supernatural Thursday @ 9 p.m. $28,300
CW Frequency Wednesday @ 9 p.m. $31,858
CW DC's Legends of Tomorrow Thursday @ 8 p.m. $37,033
CW Arrow Wednesday @ 8 p.m. $40,368
CW Supergirl Monday @ 8 p.m. $54,667
CW The Flash Tuesday @ 8 p.m. $60,660

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