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TV News Roundup: July 12, 2016

  • Comcast adds streaming service to lineup
  • FOX to begin Live streaming
  • Disney gets into MLB streaming
  • Twitter sets up convention streaming. 

Comcast to add Netflix to lineup:
Netflix and Comcast have come to an agreement that will allow the cable provider to start providing Netflix to its customers via its X1 set-top boxes. Why is this a big deal? You will not be accessing Netflix via your cable TV stream and not via broadband internet. It could make things faster for your other media needs.

FOX will live stream primetime lineup:
FOX will soon launch live streaming access to its primetime and Saturday late night line up via FOX.com and its FOX Now app. The live stream will enable Fox affiliates to dynamically insert local market advertising and display station branding.

CBSN on Twitter:
Twitter will use the CBSN Live stream coverage of both political party conventions through its live video platform.

CW coming sooner to Netflix:
The CW and Netflix have agreed on a new streaming deal that will bring all season of all CW shows to the streaming service and the most recent season added eight days after the season finale of the series.

Retrans fees going up:
Retransmission fees are expected to reach $7.7 billion this year, from cable operators to local TV stations and cable networks. Reverse Comp, what network affiliates pay the broadcast networks, should hit $2.1 billion. A forecast look at 2019 sees ESPN getting over $9 per subscriber, with TNT at over $250 and Disney at $2.00. {LINK}

Disney invests in MLB Streaming:
The Walt Disney Company paid $3.5 billion to MLB for a 335% piece of MLBAM (MLB Advance Media). This is the company that has both live streaming services for the MLB and NHL games.

More Comedy for TBS:
TBS has renewed the original comedy series ANGIE TRIBECA and WRECKED. Sister network, TNT, renewed the drama ANIMAL KINGDOM for a second season.

ABC axes summer comedy:
After just a quick one month run of epiaodes, ABC has axes the summer comedy, UNCLE BUCK, after one season.

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