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Ratings Archives: Summer 1995

You would think that with all the networks regular series being in summer repeats that the NBA Playoffs would dominate the ratings. Not so for the summer of 1995.

The NBA Semi-Finals, on NBC, did make the top 20, but were bested by ABC and their repeats of ROSEANNE, GRACE UNDER FIRE, HOME IMPROVEMENT and THUNDER ALLEY. Even the news magazines of 20/20, 60 MINUTES and PRIMETIME LIVE did better numbers than the NBA.

The NBA did have a little better success with the NBA Finals, but a 4 game sweep by the Houston Rockets over the Orlando Magic dampened NBC enthusiasm. Game 4 was the best rated with 21 million viewers. The low was game two with under 18 million viewers.

Not a lot of change in the ratings during the summer. Repeats and new magazines were topping the charts. Nothing new was finding ratings success.

The WB expanded to two nights in early September, adding Sunday nights. The new sunday shows were PINKY & THE BRAIN, SISTER SISTER, KIRK (Cameron), SIMON, CLEGHORNE! and FIRST TIME OUT.

Also, FOX had a first in the last week of summer. I rated higher than CBS, to take 3rd place for the week. But, FOX debuted most of its show that week, while CBS, NBC and ABC were still mostly airing repeats.

Nielsen Broadcast ratings charts for May 29, 1995 to September 17, 1995

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