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Ratings Archives: Summer 1994

Covering May 30 to September 18, 1994

What was the biggest event on TV during the summer of 1994?  The OJ Simpson slow-speed chase through LA. It was estimated that 95 million viewers watch all or part of the live coverage, between 10pm and Midnight (ET) on June 17th.  Tat 95 million number covers the combined audiences of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and some independent stations. NBC was cutting back and forth between the "chase" and Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The OJ saga would continue through most of the summer as the network news magazines jumped on board. One week later, 20/20 drew 22.8 million viewers (#5 for the week) to a 10pm Friday broadcast, in the summer.

Another ABC news magazine TURNING POINT, airing Wednesdays, was the #1 program that same week, pulling in over 25 million viewers. News Magazines made up 4 of the top ten shows that week. three by ABC alone.

Nielsen Broadcast ratings charts for May 30 - September 18, 1994 


  1. These archives are much appreciated, TV-aholic. Never could find many viewership figures for X-Files' first two seasons (if anyone checks wikipedia, just be advised their figures are wrong) or Millennium, so thanks to you I'll hopefully be able to complete ratings guides for their fans (and of course I'll credit you and link to your site). But no rush.

  2. I'm glad I've found these because therefore I can look at the ratings of how The Simpsons did years ago.

  3. I agree! Thank you so much! This is great to look back at all of this info, especially in a time before TV moving to different platforms like the internet, etc.


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