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Ratings Archives: June to Mid-September, 1993

Remember when CBS placed Connie Chung next to Dan Rather at the CBS NEWS anchor desk? No? well it happened during the summer of 1993. Initially, ratings were up and it was the #2 national newscast. But by the middle of the summer, CBS was back in 3rd place.

A few of the original summer series for 1993 were ROUTE 66 (NBC), featuring Dan Cortese. EYE TO EYE with CONNIE CHUNG also premiered this summer, to average numbers. FAMILY DOG (CBS), JOHNY BAGO (CBS), DANGER THEATER (FOX), SOUTH BEACH (NBC), BIG WAVE DAVE'S (CBS), NED BLESSING (CBS), THE BUILDING (CBS), THE BOYS (CBS), plus a few others.

How have times Changed? A great example is the ABC airing of the theatrical movie POLICE ACADEMY 6. The movie scored over 22 million viewers and ranked 7th for the first week of the summer. This was a horrible movie and the worst of the franchise.

Also included in this archive are those nominated for Emmy Awards, that would be presented in September of 1993. HBO's THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW got 8 nominations, a rare feat for cable, back in the day.

Nielsen Broadcast ratings charts for May 31, 1993 to September 19, 1993


  1. It is hard to remember that Theatrical Movies did well on Broadcast TV. In 1993, most cable outlets only delivered about 60 channels and most of the content was syndicated repeats of the broadcast hits. If you wanted see a movie on TV, it was either HBO, SHOWTIME or rent it from Blockbuster for $5.99 per night.

  2. I remember when they were a huge event. Before video tapes, the broadcasts were your only chance to see a modern blockbuster once it left the theaters.

    Thanks for posting these ratings!

  3. When are you posting the rest of the 1993/1994 season?

  4. Coming real soon. I still need to scan them.


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