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Ratings Archives - January to May, 1993

I always remembered that the 90's was the NBC decade, but CBS won the 1992-93 TV season with a 12.9 TV rating. That is nearly two full ratings points over third place NBC. I guess we are a couple of season from the Golden era of NBC.

For the 30-week TV season, the #1 show was 60 MINUTES. The CBS News Magazine drew a 21.9 rating. A over a full point over the #2 series, ROSEANNE, which earned a 20.7 rating. Rounding out the top 5 wew HOME INPROVEMENT (#3), MURPHY BROWN (#4) and MURDER SHE WROTE (#5).

CHEERS finished in the 8th spot, but drew a poultry 80.4 million viewers and a 64 HH share for its series finale on May 20, 1993.

On the freshmen series front, CBS' LOVE and WAR (originally starred Susan Dey) was tops, ranking 15th. Tied at #16, was HANGING WITH MR. COOPER and THE JACKIE THOMAS SHOW, both on ABC. HARTS AFIRE, finished in the top 20, at #20.

The Bottom 5 of the season were all FOX series. BENN STILLER (#136), PARKER LEWIS (#138), LIKELY SUSPECTS (#137), GREAT SCOTT (#136) and CLASS OF 1996 (#135). The worst NON-FOX series was ABC's CROSSROADS, ranking #126.

Nielsen Ratings for January 4, 1993 to May 30, 1993

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